As Lao Tseu once said : « Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. »

the commitment and the strong will to improve our Junior Creations inspired the very first idea of a JET BOOTCAMP in 2019. 

Instead of the typical Integration day from before, the JET BOOTCAMP 1.0 included a cycle of specific workshops, over three days, for the executive board members of every Junior Creation to prepare them for their missions. 

The event became widely appreciated by the whole Junior Entreprises community and it became a must for every new term. 

The second edition, JET BOOTCAMP 2.0, came in a new form by infusing the first JET BOOTCAMP and the old Integration day, in a two-day event.

The executive board members got to experience both specific and general workshops, such as team management and project management. And on the second day, they had to apply what they learned by making strategies, creating ideas and projects and working on them. Therefore, living the whole day of a Junior Entrepreneur.

By 2021, the criteria for the new Junior Creations have become higher. And so that year, from their beginning days, they were accompanied by The Junior Enterprises of Tunisia and trained to learn the basics.

By the time the JET BOOTCAMP 3.0 came, they were all ready for it.

The third edition contained different workshops and challenges in order to teach the different Junior Creations how to manage their structures and how to face every issue.

JET BOOTCAMP 3.0 ended with winners, better-trained members, and big expectations. 

Hopefully, for JET BOOTCAMP 4.0.