JOBS, how it all began

If you ask a Tunisian Junior Entrepreneur to sum up his experience with the Network he would definitely mention JOBS. The Junior Official Business Seminar and the most famous event by the Junior Enterprises of Tunisia.

But have you ever wondered how JOBS came to life?

Excited about the idea to reunite the newly established Junior Enterprises, The Junior Enterprises of Tunisia, organized their first big business seminar in 2013. The participants made a business plan, discussed financial strategies, and even organized a communication campaign. 

In conclusion, they have dealt with all aspects of a company. The event impacted the young generation and was very valued.  This inspired the JET into hosting it for a second year but in a whole new form.

On the 8th and 9th of November 2014, the Junior Entreprises of Tunisia held the first edition of JOBS. JOBS 2K14 aimed to offer almost 300 Junior Entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the entrepreneurial world by providing a consistent program of training sessions and workshops led by experts who are eager to share their experiences and know-how. 

It was also the best opportunity for Junior Entrepreneurs to gather, know each other and work together for two days.  Ever since then, JOBS became an official annual seminar. And through the years, its popularity and success grew bigger, making it the most demanding event and the best experience for every Junior Entrepreneur. 

We hope to see you in JOBS 2K22, to live your best experience.